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In Quebec, a demerit point system exists for all drivers. Demerit points are added to your driving record when you are guilty of certain offences and are removed from said record two (2) years after the date of conviction or payment of a fine.

For each driving infraction in the province of Quebec, the Highway Safety Code and related bylaws stipulate the number of demerit points to be applied to a driver’s record. Traffic offences such as speeding, use of a cell phone while driving or not wearing a seatbelt are each assigned a fix number of points. When a driver is found guilty of a particular offence or when a fine is paid by the driver - it is the equivalent of a guilty plea - the corresponding number of points are added to the driver's record.

When the driver's total demerit points exceed a certain limit, based on the age and experience of the driver, that driver loses the privilege to drive. A Learner’s or Probationary License starts off with 4 demerit points for the entire validity of the license. Drivers under the age of 23 have 8 points on their license and those aged 23 and 24 have 12 points on their driver’s license. Lastly, drivers aged 25 or over can have a maximum number of 15 points.

Not all offences carry demerit points and the more serious offences such as excessive speeding, hit and run, and passing a school bus have more points than an offence such as not immobilizing a motor vehicle at a stop sign

Not only do demerit points in Quebec affect your driving record, but they can also have a major impact on your employment, insurance rates and license renewal rates. Companies who are looking to keep their insurance premium as low as possible may avoid recruiting drivers with too many demerit points.

An employer can ask for a copy of your driving record if it is relevant to the job one has applied for.

The insurance portion of one’s license renewal fee is based on one’s driving record. For a perfect record in Quebec the cost is $68.00 and if one has 15 points or more the same insurance portion will cost you $391.00! (Data as of 2012).