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Who We Are is a law firm representing clients charged with traffic violations and criminal charges related to driving, who wish to keep their good driving record and low insurance premiums. We provide effective and affordable legal services to all residents and non-residents of the Province of Quebec.

Our lawyers can discuss your case over the phone, via e-mail/fax, or at our office for you initial consultation. If you hire us, you will usually not even have to appear in Court. It is possible to defeat a moving violation based on facts and solid legal arguments. Even if you cannot defeat your ticket, contesting it can lead to a lesser fine and point reduction you receive on your driver's record.


Avi Levy

For over twenty-five years Avi Levy has been a practicing lawyer, providing specialized legal services in the sectors of criminal, penal and civil law. He began his career at one of the largest and most prominent law firms in Canada where he worked in tax and estate law focusing on regulatory issues. From there he moved on to become an advisor and general counselor for some of the biggest internet gaming and marketing companies. It was during this time where he worked with and represented various top athletes and celebrities in the United States. Throughout this period Avi focused on helping his clients achieve their marketing objectives through celebrity endorsements, product placements in film, music videos, television commercials and television series. In 2011, at the height of his career, he established specifically representing clients against driving related infractions in Quebec, Ontario and the state of New York. In addition to his daily responsibilities he’s committed to representing a multitude of medical marijuana clinics throughout Canada, helping to advise them on regulatory and legal issues as they arise.

Bernard Lévy-Soussan

Joining the Quebec Bar in 1993 after receiving his civil law degree at the University of Sherbrooke, Bernard Lévy-Soussan has established a long and dedicated career in the field of criminal and penal law. His extensive knowledge in this field was gained as a prosecutor for the City of Saint-Laurent and Montreal for over sixteen years, indicting a vast number of cases. He left the office of prosecution in 2010 in order to found

Mr. Lévy-Soussan moved on to defend the most difficult cases, bringing his expertise to everything from large speeding infractions to driving under the influence criminal charges and dangerous driving charges. Consequently, he has been recognized as one of the top three DUI lawyers in the city of Montreal for the last 3 years. The dedication and skill he offers are unparalleled, leaving clients with a sense that he has handled their case with the utmost care. He has pleaded in front of all levels of court in the province of Quebec. More specifically, this refers to the Municipal Court, the Court of Quebec and the Superior Court as well as the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

A public figure distinguished across the province for his participation in the popular TVA television series ‘Infractions’, Mr. Levy-Soussan is truly committed to defending a client and winning a case.

Our Legal Team

Jessica Arasimowicz

Jessica Arasimowicz graduated as an Arts and Science Scholar from Concordia University and then went on to graduate with a Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa. From there she went on to complete her articling at Ticket911 and became a member of the Law Society of Ontario in 2015. She also completed a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne in 2017. Having initially worked at Ticket911 as a Summer student, Jessica has since been promoted to general manager of the firm, providing excellent customer service to all clients.

Stephanie Babin-Paré

Stéphanie Babin-Paré obtained her Bachelor of Law degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal in 2018 and graduated from the École du Barreau du Québec in 2020. Stéphanie has a true fascination for criminal, penal and constitutional law. The protection of the fundamental rights of the accused, putting an end to injustices, inequalities and promoting rehabilitation are the main reasons she selected this branch of the law. During her studies she worked as an assistant at a firm that practices criminal and disciplinary law, which allowed her to develop skills in drafting of pleadings, case law research as well as in case analysis. In addition to her law degree, Stéphanie obtained a certificate in psychology from the University of Montreal. During her psychology studies, she volunteered in suicide crisis management with the Suicide Action Organization in Montreal. She joined the Ticket 911 team to complete her Bar School internship.

Sarah Gauthier

Sarah Gauthier completed her Bachelor’s Degree in law (L.L.B.) at the University of Sherbrooke. In parallel with her studies, she had the opportunity to complete an internship at the Sherbrooke legal aid center. This experience is what ignited her passion for criminal and penal law.

As a law student, Sarah was given the opportunity to work in the legal department of a private real estate management firm. The diversified sectors that building management requires helped her deepen her knowledge of both real estate law and business law. She then completed the Quebec Bar’s professional training program and joined the Ticket 911 team as a specialized lawyer in the heavy vehicle department.

Shayne Rodrigues

Born to a Portuguese family in suburban Repentigny, Shayne Rodrigues was raised by the values of hard work, perseverance and loyalty. At the age of fifteen, he expressed interest in the field of Criminal Law, and set his sights on becoming a defense attorney.

Studying in French and participating in theatre and debate in English, Shayne became flawlessly bilingual, graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Law and joined the Quebec Bar Association in 2019. Understanding the needs of his clients, many of whom come from similar upbringings as his own, Shayne’s work ethic is second only to his dedication to help others in need, in negotiation, legal advice and before trial.

David Shinder

David Shinder specializes in penal and criminal law relating to driving offenses and represents clients charged with a wide variety of offenses under the Highway Safety Code. Violations range from simple failure to obey a stop sign to excessive speeding and dangerous driving as well as DUI offenses under the Criminal Code. Passionate about negotiation and litigation, he has the expertise and experience required to protect his client’s rights and driving privileges.

In addition to his degree in civil law, Mr. Shinder holds a Master’s in Comparative Common Law from the Université de Montréal and a Bachelor of Science from the Université de Montréal. Prior to joining Ticket911, Mr. Shinder completed his internship in the field of criminal defense as a public defender.

Mack Singleton

Mack Singleton successfully completed the Quebec Bar Exam in early 2019, and immediately joined the Ticket911 team as an articling student working on penal, criminal, and civil cases.

During his law studies at McGill University, which he completed in 2017, Mr. Singleton volunteered for the Legal Information Clinic at McGill, an organization that provides free bilingual legal information to community members. In his final year of study he joined Innocence McGill, a student-led project dedicated to investigating claims of wrongful conviction in Quebec. There he prepared applications for ministerial review on behalf of individuals convicted of murder. Upon graduation, he was the recipient of the Prix Souvenir George S. Challies Memorial Award for distinguished academic achievement.

Camaylia Tavakol Rastani

Passionate about criminal and penal law as well as the art of pleading, Camaylia Tavakol Rastani began her journey in the legal field as a student by contributing to legal research for the Innocence Project, a non-profit organization aiding victims of judicial errors in criminal law. Camaylia Tavakol Rastani holds a Certificate in Industrial Relations from the University of Montreal, as well as a Certificate in Social and Labor Law and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She has also completed the Quebec Bar. Over the course of her studies, in pursuit of concrete professional experience, Camaylia Tavakol Rastani joined two Montreal based law firms, which allowed her to expand her knowledge and experience in commercial, civil, criminal and penal law. Perseverant and meticulous, Camaylia Tavakol Rastani defends her clients’ rights with devotion, while placing their specific needs at the heart of her preoccupations. Her personal attributes, professional experiences and academic background are the foundation of her unparalleled work ethic. It is with enthusiasm and pride that she joins the Ticket911 team.

Mike Zatylny

Mr. Zatylny practices in penal and criminal law, primarily pertaining to road infractions. He has acquired vast experience in the appeal of trial decisions, having pleaded at the Superior Court on multiple occasions, and even before the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

Member of the Quebec bar since 2011, he obtained his civil law degree from the University of Ottawa in 2010. Mr. Zatylny started his law career at Ticket911 in 2011 and has since then handled a significant number of clients accused of a wide array of infractions under the Highway Safety Code and Criminal Code with passion and devotion.