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How to appeal a Traffic Ticket

How To Appeal a Traffic Ticket

Having a judgment rendered against you, or paying the wrong ticket by mistake can have serious consequences such as the loss of your driver`s licence. In these circumstances, an appeal may be the only solution.

In order to understand whether or not you are eligible for an appeal, consult with the lawyers at to get a professional assessment of your case and evaluation of your chances of success.

Given their 17 years of experience as prosecutors lawyers Avi Levy and Bernard Levy-Soussan can assist you in removing demerit points accumulated on your driving record. Judgments are rendered in various circumstances; however, appealing a judgment is ordinarily the result of the following two (2) situations:

A) When a ticket is paid it is an automatic admission of guilt. Consequently a judgment is rendered against you. This situation is very common and is often the result of miscommunications with a spouse or employee, or simply a momentary distraction. has dealt with many similar cases, and has the know-how to act on your behalf to appeal such judgments;

B) You represented yourself at trial convinced that you had a great defense only to be disappointed by the judge’s decision, or you may have sought legal counsel elsewhere but were unsuccessful in your defense. Either way you can count on to review your file and represent you through the entire process without your presence needed in court.

The delay in which to file an appeal is 30 days from the date of the judgment. We will ensure that this delay is respected, draft all necessary procedures, order court transcripts, complete the legal research, and plead your case in court.

Appealing a judgment will cause the suspension of the execution of the first judgment rendered in your file. There will also be the temporary removal of demerit points from your driver’s license. This removal will remain in effect until the final judgment is rendered after the appeal is heard. This means that while the judgment is being appealed, we will ask a judge to order that the points be returned to your driving record until such time as a final decision is made on the matter.

However, not all decisions rendered under the Highway Safety Code can be appealed. For example, there is no right to appeal a decision regarding the issuance of restricted licenses (Articles 118 and 121 of the Code).

Let us advise and instruct you in your appeal process. The legal system is complex, and the appeal process presents new complications and can be difficult to understand and execute on your own. We have a team of lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff ready and willing to work for your benefit. We service all of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and New York State.