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Cell Phone Ticket In Ontario – What It Entails

Using a cell phone while behind the wheel is considered to be an offence in the category of distracted driving. Various studies have linked the use of cell phones to road accidents as people continue to expose themselves to danger by using their cell phones while driving. The province of Ontario has in fact, considered this as a serious infraction and has imposed heavy penalties for offenders engaging in this habit. It is actually prohibited to use a handheld device with a telephone function while driving. The fact to note here is that you don’t have to be actually talking on the phone to be penalized. Just moving the device from one place to another while driving is enough to incur the wrath of the traffic authorities and the scope of the offence has been widened to include laptops, notebooks, tablets and the like!

Recent Developments

The penalties concerning a cell phone ticket in Ontario have been increased, as the government begins to appreciate the actual effects of this form of distracted driving on the province’s road safety records. The demerit points in Quebec have been increased to four points and learner drivers will actually have their temporary license revoked as a result of the offence. Permit renewal costs will also increase as a result of the conviction along with the usual increase in your insurance premiums. The government is also proposing to increase the fine amount to a maximum of $1000! So the next time you receive a call while driving or wish to send a text, just pull over the car to the side of the road to indulge yourself and avoid any chance of getting a ticket. The risks of running this kind of an offence are actually pretty severe.

What to do when you receive a cell phone ticket in Ontario

Cell phone tickets are highly technical and require professional advice from traffic violation lawyers if you plan to contest it in court. Depending upon the circumstances of the offence as well as the quality of representation you get in court, you might be able to reduce the fine amount and avoid the demerit points. Remember, these tickets usually aren’t settled with a prosecutor and a trial can be required to obtain an acquittal. There are a number of issues that a skilled lawyer can bring forward to help win a trial in a cellphone use charge.

If you are facing a cell phone ticket in Ontario, prompt acting can actually improve your chances of success. Just get in touch with the experts at Ticket911 for the best help and support while contesting these charges in court! Call us today for a free consultation.

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