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The Why and How of Fighting Speeding Tickets in Ontario
Jan. 18, 2017

The Why and How of Fighting Speeding Tickets in Ontario

Getting a speeding ticket while driving in Ontario is not exactly the same as getting indicted by a legal officer. It happens more often than you think. Ask around and almost everyone you know will admit to having been ticketed at least once.

Upon receiving a ticket in Ontario you can always choose to contest it. The first condition of challenging a traffic ticket is that you have evidence to prove that you were innocent of the infraction you were accused of committing. The second condition is to have a lawyer by your side asthere maybe a bit of negotiation and argumentation required with the prosecutor and lawyers are trained for these exact situations.

In contrary to the common misconception, fighting a ticket is not the same as going to the court. It can be settled in out-of-the-court meetings. But, heavy penalty cases are preferably solved inside the courthouse. In those cases, you will need to hire a lawyer with specialized knowledge in speeding tickets.

The prosecutor at the court will normally rely on the decision and testimony of the officer who issued the ticket rather than on your argument. Therefore, you need to present contrary evidence. These pieces of evidence are not always so obvious and you may require a lawyer to find them and build your case.