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Some Strategies That Work to Fight Speeding Ticket in Ontario
Jan. 18, 2017

Some Strategies That Work to Fight Speeding Ticket in Ontario

Drivers facing a speeding ticket often hold themselves from fighting it, lest it goes down to deeper pits. But there is no need for such worries if you are on the right side of the law and know that you can prove it. There are some strategies that are often put to use to fight speeding tickets in the province of Ontario. If you have hired a lawyer for your case, chances are that they will single out one of these strategies in formulating your case. Let’s take a look at them.
  • Dispute the opinion of the police officer concerned: Some tickets are given out on the basis of the personal opinion of the officer in charge who then arrives at a subjective conclusion and writes out a ticket. In such a case, you have to argue that the opinion was far from apt to fight speeding ticket in Ontario.
  • Dispute the evidence presentation of the officer: While this approach is legal for most tickets, any attempt to challenge the presentation is discredited in case of tickets that cannot be brought to questioning.
  • Present ample evidence that indicates that the act was a “Mistake of Fact”: Your ticket will be revoked if you can prove that you made a mistake of the presented fact and that the violation was not decisive.
  • Present an argument proving that your driving was legal and justified: Admit to the illegal driving and fight the charges by presenting reasons that make such kind of driving allowable and justified.
  • Prove through argument that the violation was necessary to avert harming yourself or another: If it’s an act of defense done for the prevention of an immediate harm as is a standard response of passing vehicles to highway accidents, then your tickets are likely to be withdrawn and your charges dropped with immediate effect.
Be advised to seek the help of a lawyer when fighting speeding ticket in Ontario.