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Some Legally Granted Advantages of Fighting Traffic Tickets in Ontario
Jan. 18, 2017

Some Legally Granted Advantages of Fighting Traffic Tickets in Ontario

You can earn yourself a traffic ticket with mistakes as simple as missing to use your turn signals or speeding in an inner lane. Traffic tickets are so common that almost every driver gets more than one ticket in their entire driving career. One such little docket can cost you an expensive penalty, spiked up car insurance premiums, driving record points and even license suspension.

If you find yourself holding a traffic ticket at the end of a livelong day, don’t panic yet.

There are ways of fighting traffic tickets in Ontario, and that too, at certain advantages.
  • There is a possibility that all charges on the ticket against you are dropped and you are allowed to walk away scot free.
  • If you manage to win a case against the DMV then it means that your insurance premium will normalize as before without you having to pay off instalments costlier than you already do. Please be informed that the more egregious a violation you are the charged with, the higher the insurance premium gets.
  • There is an option for a plea bargain agreement in which plaintiffs are pardoned the charges in parts. So, that takes you to pay very little of the actual fine which, if you see properly, is as good a deal.
  • Winning a case of fighting traffic tickets in Ontario will restore your driving privileges instantaneously. If you have enough points to be charged with a license suspension or revocation, then it will knock off some points from the record giving you a new lease of use and another chance.

But, whether you can fight a traffic ticket in your case is a subject of debate and meticulous scrutiny. Instead of taking it your hands, let your lawyer be the judge of that.