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Is It Worth My Time To Contest A Speeding Ticket In Quebec? (Part 2)
July 15, 2016

Is It Worth My Time To Contest A Speeding Ticket In Quebec? Part 2

Taking up our blog post series about how you can gain from contesting speeding tickets in Quebec, let us first understand the consequences that you as a driver will have to face as a result of traffic convictions.

The one thing you must understand here is that if you pay the ticket, no matter how minor the offence or fine, you are automatically accepting that you are guilty and this conviction will show up on your driving record. You can request the traffic officer to forego increasing your demerit points and he might just accept your offer. But insurance companies do not want anything to do with these points. While setting your driver’s insurance rates, companies consider your traffic convictions and not your demerit points. Some insurers might allow you to get away with your first minor conviction while others will spike your rates right away.  

This is where not contesting a speeding ticket in Quebec will cost you and that too quite substantially. Insurers usually consider convictions going back at least three years on your record. These convictions are categorized as minor, major and serious, and insurers initiate rate increase based on the kind of offence showing up on your driving record. You will be surprised to know that speeding at just 50km/hr over the permitted limit will be considered as a serious offence equivalent to impaired driving.

To avoid these issues showing up on your record, it will always be better to take the services of an attorney and contest your ticket in Quebec traffic court. In our next post, we will look at the importance of professional representation in such court cases.