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Is It Worth My Time To Contest A Speeding Ticket In Quebec? (Part 1)
June 23, 2016

Is It Worth My Time To Contest A Speeding Ticket In Quebec?

One of the most baffling mysteries in the life of every motorist..

Canadian road safety laws are often considered to be extremely confusing, to say the least and the authorities are known to give offenders a pretty hard time for the smallest of offences committed while driving. Most people don’t even bother to take the ticket to court – thinking it’s better to just pay for the thing and be done with all the hassle!

If you too are facing a similar situation and considering paying up on that Quebec traffic ticket in your hand, I would urge you to think again. Consider the consequences attached with accepting this offence. Not only will you gain demerit points but your insurance rates will jump up faster than the needle on your car’s speedometer! 

Most people suggest contesting tickets in Quebec solely for the reason that it will help save money. Others are of the opinion that the court case will end up costing you more than the ticket itself. However, it real terms, when you factor in insurance penalties involved and the other hassles you will have to deal with as a result of those added demerit points, you will definitely feel that taking the traffic ticket to court is the more preferable choice.

We have put together this blog post series to help you understand just how you can gain from contesting speeding tickets in Quebec. Stay tuned for our next upload to understand the various ways in which traffic convictions will end up costing you in the future.