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Nov. 24, 2021

There are three methods of payment available - you may pay your ticket online, in person or by mail. 


Payment online: if you choose to pay your ticket online, it is very simple. You will need the statement of offence or file number. The statement of offence number are the digits appearing at the very top of the ticket. You will be required to complete a small form and then you may issue payment for the ticket using a credit card.

Payment in person: If you have the statement of offense you can pay it at your financial institution, in person. If you do not have your statement of offense, you can go in person to the courthouse. 


Payment by mail: If you have the statement of offence, you may send the reply form, attached to your statement, and a cheque or money order payable to the city. You will need to send this payment to the finances services of that city, located at the address you will find on your statement of offence.