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About Us is a law firm representing clients charged with traffic violations and criminal charges related to driving, who wish to keep their good driving record and low insurance premiums. We provide effective and affordable legal services to all residents and non-residents of the Province of Quebec.

Two of the founding partners of are former Municipal court prosecutors. Bernard Levy-Soussan was Prosecutor for the Cities of Saint-Laurent and Montreal for over 16 years and Avi Levy acted as a Prosecutor for various municipalities early in his career. They prosecuted tens of thousands of driving related infractions, impaired driving cases as well as theft, mischief and assault charges to name a few. Their knowledge and experience are crucial when defending a case and preparing a trial.

At our goal is to minimize the fines and demerit points associated with driving tickets. Our experienced lawyers and our entire team will work to resolve your case in a satisfactory and cost effective manner. It may seem easier to just pay a fine and move on rather than go through the process of hiring a lawyer and contesting your ticket, but paying a fine is an admission of guilt! At we believe drivers should not have to choose between convenience and exercising their legal rights. We make it easy to fight a ticket and protect your driving record.

Our lawyers can discuss your case over the phone, via e-mail/fax, or at our office for your initial consultation. If you hire us, you will usually not even have to appear in Court. It is possible to defeat a moving violation based on facts and solid legal arguments. Even if you cannot defeat your ticket, contesting it can lead to a lesser fine and point reduction you receive on your driver’s record.

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Over 20 years experience

Over 70,000 tickets fought

Established in 2010

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