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Red Light Ticket In Ontario – Understanding Your Options

Running a red light has been a major cause of accident in Ontario. This kind of aggressive driving offence is defined as driving through an intersection when the light is turned red. It usually results in dangerous accidents, especially when the vehicles collide with each other at right angles and can lead to severe injuries, even death. To curb such accidents, the province of Ontario has levied heavy penalties and demerit points on this offences, and has installed cameras at intersections.

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Understanding Red Light Tickets In Ontario

If you have received a ticket for running a red light, there are several factors that you should understand before deciding to pay the imposed fine. These offenses are not just punishable by fines. You will also get 3 Demerit Points on your driving record and will also have to bear an increase in your insurance rates. There are two types of offences that you can be accused of, in case you run a red light – red light ticket by a police officer or ticket generated by a red light camera. Let’s understand them both:

Ontario Red Light Tickets Given By Police Officers

These tickets have a fine as well as demerit points attached to them and as the name suggests, the offence is caught and penalized by a police officer present at the scene. In case you receive a red light ticket of this kind, you have two courses of action that you can choose from – pleading guilty, going to trial with a not-guilty plea. Out of these two, going for a trial of your ticket is the only way that you can avoid this offence from showing up on your driving record. You can also consider contesting for a reduction in demerit points and fine amount. Seeking professional advice from Ticket911 is your best chance to get the ticket dismissed and the offence removed from your driving record.

Ontario Red Light Tickets Generated By Camera

These tickets are not handed to the offender by a police officer. Instead, they are mailed to the owner of the vehicle caught running a red light by the intersection cameras. These tickets attract heavy fines but will not attract any demerit points, meaning that your driving record will remain untouched even if you pay the penalty. There is usually no point in fighting red light tickets in court as there is no adverse effect caused to the offender’s driving record. The fine however, should be paid immediately else, it may create complications when you will want to renew your

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