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Tips Quebec Drivers Need To Know For Fighting A Stop Sign Ticket

Being caught failing to stop at a stop sign or rolling through without coming to a complete stop can prove to be costly for a driver. If you believe that a ticket has been unjustifiably issued, a contestation is in order (

In Québec, a stop sign ticket issued by a police officer is associated with three (3) demerit points and a fine. Fighting a stop sign ticket can prove to be a prudent move for drivers who believe that they are not at fault. A stop sign ticket may incur short and long term expenses given the fine associated with it and the fact that the demerit points on a driver’s licence can lead to an increase of insurance premiums and rates.

If a police officer pulls a driver over for this type of infraction, a motorist who plans to contest may want to keep these tips in mind for getting through the encounter and handling it afterwards:

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