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Fighting A Stop Sign Ticket Quebec

Tips Quebec Drivers Need To Know For Fighting A Stop Sign Ticket

Being caught failing to stop at a stop sign or rolling through without coming to a complete stop can prove to be costly for a driver. If you believe that a ticket has been unjustifiably issued, a contestation is in order (https://www.ticket911.ca/contestation-ticket-quebec)

In Québec, a stop sign ticket issued by a police officer is associated with three (3) demerit points and a fine. Fighting a stop sign ticket can prove to be a prudent move for drivers who believe that they are not at fault. A stop sign ticket may incur short and long term expenses given the fine associated with it and the fact that the demerit points on a driver’s licence can lead to an increase of insurance premiums and rates.

If a police officer pulls a driver over for this type of infraction, a motorist who plans to contest may want to keep these tips in mind for getting through the encounter and handling it afterwards:

  • Be polite and accept the ticket without admitting guilt – The time to fight or contest a stop sign ticket is not while it is being issued. While this occurs it is imperative to maintain a polite demeanour with the police officer without admitting to the infraction. Should you want to contest the ticket thereafter, you should consult the legal experts at Ticket911.ca to successfully contest your ticket.
  • Keep the due date for the fine in mind, but do not pay it – Going home and simply paying the penalty associated with your stop sign ticket just to get it over with is an admission of guilt. If you plan on fighting the ticket, refrain from admitting guilt and hold off on paying it.
  • Consult with a legal expert – Former prosecutors such as the partners of Ticket911.ca whom specialize in traffic violations offer clients a free consultation. Take advantage of this to review your potential case with a legal expert in the field to gain an opinion on whether the ticket should be contested or paid. In many cases, lawyers can prove a clients’ innocence, have tickets thrown out or at least mitigate the impact a ticket may have in the long run.

If you’ve been wrongfully accused of a stop sign ticket violation, the legal team at Ticket911.ca is standing by to help. Get a free quote today. For representation by experienced professional in the field contact us at 1-855-444-4911.