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Fighting A Speeding Ticket

Getting pulled over by the police can be scary.

Police can issue tickets even when the driver is convinced that they did nothing wrong. However, drivers have the option of contesting tickets they believe have been improperly issued.

Fighting a speeding ticket in Ontario is possible if motorists have skilled legal representation.

Here are a few things that can be done if you were unjustly ticketed.

  • Avoid admitting to admit guilt – Don’t refuse to accept a ticket from the police and avoid arguing. Simply accept the ticket without admitting to guilt when speaking with the officer.
  • Refrain from paying the ticket – If you believe that the ticket was wrongfully or unjustly issued and you wish to contest a speeding ticket, refrain from paying the fine. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt, which can make getting points taken off the record difficult.
  • Call a lawyer – If you wish to fight a traffic ticket issued by a police officer, it’s important to get legal representation right away since allowing the due date on a ticket to pass before seeking help can complicate matters., help motorists contest tickets that may have been wrongfully or improperly issued. If we win your case, depending on whether you plead guilty to a lesser infraction, or win the case completely; there are many benefits to fighting your ticket with us. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars that you would have had to pay in fines, higher license fees, and lower insurance rates.

fighting a speeding ticket

As we know, Canadian motorist can be ticketed for a huge number of reasons. The more time one spends on the road, the higher the chances are of getting in the crosshairs of the law. Across the provinces are codes filled with the legal regulations of the road, in Quebec the infractions are contained in a piece of law entitled the “Highway Safety Code”. These infractions range from parking tickets, tickets with simple fines to the larger tickets of combined loss of demerit points coupled with high fines. In 2007 in the province of Quebec, police officers handed out to motorist around one million tickets. These one million tickets led to many motorists losing a huge amount of demerit points and sometimes their license.

If you’ve received a ticket for speeding in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, or The of New York and you feel that you don’t deserve it or believe it to be unfair, contact our legal team today. The professionals at are happy to discuss your case over the phone, in person or even by email or fax. To reach out for a free quote today, call us at 1-855-444-4911, or visit our website at

fighting a speeding ticket