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Cannabis Legislation in Canada

Now that recreational marijuana is legal across Canada, is ready to help current and future business owners navigate this new chapter in Canadian history.

Cannabis in the workplace<

The new changes to the law are having a large impact on the workplace affecting many different areas. As an employer you’re responsible to ensure the health and safety of all your employees and therefore must adjust your business practices regarding this. can help you draft practical guides to dealing with cannabis in the workplace in the province of Quebec.

Current and future business owners<

For all future business owners looking to acquire a license to sell permitted items such as fresh cannabis, dried cannabis, plants, seeds and cannabis oil, we can help with this process by guiding you step by step.

Intellectual property, trademarks and patents

We also specialize in Intellectual Property (IP) rights — trademarks, patents, which cover plant breeders’ rights, industrial designs and copyrights. Cannabis based businesses are recommended to register trademarks to protect their name and brands. Trademarks will be able to protect many things, such as words, logos, colours, sounds, shapes of goods or packaging. To stay competitive in this new emerging cannabis industry let help you protect your IP’s.

We can provide you with detailed and thorough information on the current regulations regarding medical marijuana in Quebec and how it can affect your current or future business. Call us now or send an email to to schedule a consultation.