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Why It Pays To Fight Demerit Points For Speeding

A speeding ticket might not seem like the worst infraction in the world. After all, thousands of Canadians face tickets each and every year. Demerit points for speeding Ontario tickets and those obtained in Quebec can add up over time, however, causing motorist’s real problems in the long run. If demerit points in Quebec are racking up, drivers may find they face penalties that go beyond fines or increased insurance rates. That means it sometimes behooves motorists to take action to fight tickets and keep points off their records.

Ticket911 is a legal firm dedicated to helping motorists in Ontario and Quebec fight moving violations, criminal citations and other legal concerns involving motor vehicles. Our legal team includes two former municipal prosecutors who are extremely well versed in the ins and outs of traffic laws. Their expertise enables our firm to help steer clients in the right direction in fighting demerit points for speeding Ontario tickets. Even if demerit points in Quebec cannot be avoided entirely, expert legal representation can often help mitigate the number of points added to a record.

In Canada, motorists start out with a clean driving record and zero demerit points. While points gained through accidents or tickets aren’t “lost” over time, they do come off a record after a period of two years. If enough points are collected at one time, motorists may find their driver’s license suspended or revoked. The amount of points added for an infraction depends on the severity of the charge. Making an improper turn, for example, can add 2 points to a record while careless driving adds up to 7. By simply paying a ticket and not fighting it, motorists admit “guilt” and essentially consent to the addition of points to their driving records.

If a ticket has been issued and points are forthcoming, that’s the time to seek out expert legal advice to avoid demerit points on a license. At Ticket911, our legal team is standing by to help motorists weigh their options.

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