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Excessively High Speeding
June 4, 2018

Do you suffer from a heavy foot or maybe you simply got the need for speed? Regardless of what your reasons may be, excessive speeding is dangerous and can also end up costing you a large fine as well as the loss of many demerit points from your license.

Unfortunately, every year excessive speeding on Quebec roads leads to about 175 deaths and results in almost 9,000 injuries. There is no doubt excessive speeding is dangerous and even deadly. Even the most skilled of drivers behind the wheel of a good car will increase the risk of accident and injury to themselves and others when they drive over the speed limit. This is simply unavoidable.

We need to understand that when we increase the speed of our vehicle we are in fact also: 


  • Increasing our stopping distance
  • Increasing the severity of an impact


We need to take note that speeding reduces: 


  • A driver’s ability to control the vehicle in various situations such as curves
  • A driver’s field of vision


Over the years and in an effort to decrease the number of accidents on the road caused by excessive speeding the government has begun handing out stiffer penalties to try and put the brakes so to speak on excessive speeding.

In Quebec if a driver is convicted of excessive speeding, not only will the points remain on a license for two years from date of conviction but they will have a mark on their driving record that will remain for ten years. What this means to driver’s is that anyone caught a second time for excessive speeding within the same 10-year period as the first offence will receive even stiffer penalties and larger fines.

So, what exactly is considered excessive speeding according to the law?

The following information breaks everything down based on how fast you were driving over the speed limit compared to the maximum limit where you got pulled over. If you exceed the speed limit: 


  • by 40 km/h or more in a zone of 60 km/h or less
  • by 50 km/h or more in a zone of more than 60 km/h but not more than 90 km/h
  • by 60 km/h or more in a zone of 100 km/h or more


What happens once you are pulled over for excessive speeding?

First off, your driver’s licence can be immediately suspended for 7 days and your car impounded for a period of 30 days. If you are convicted of excessive speeding then the number of demerit points as well as the fine you need to pay will get doubled.

In the unfortunate event you are pulled over a second time within a period of 10 years from being convicted for excessive speeding from the first time then the following will occur: 


  • Your driver’s licence can now get immediately suspended for 30 days
  • Your vehicle can be immediately seized and impounded for 30 days if this offence and at least 1 other were committed in a zone of 60 km/h or less


It’s crucial for you to be aware of what the police officer who pulled you over alleges you may or may not have done. Excessive speeding for example going 100 km/h in a 60 km/h zone can have a significant impact on your license and your future behind the wheel of your car.

It always helps to have a lawyer with years of experience with traffic ticket violations in your corner. If you ever find yourself in a situation like the one described here don’t wait give us a call and let us help you sort it out.