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Contesting A Ticket In Montreal: It Can Be Accomplished

There’s nothing worse than seeing flashing lights in your rear-view mirror and realizing police is signaling for your car to be pulled over. The only thing worse is finding out the officer intends to give you a ticket for a traffic violation. To add insult injury, you may believe that the ticket is unjustified. Fortunately, contesting a ticket in Montreal can be successfully accomplished.

Drivers who feel they’ve been wrongfully or unfairly given a traffic violation ticket will find they do have rights.

Moreover, there are lawyers who can help them exercise their rights to successfully help clients go about contesting a ticket in Montreal.

These legal experts can get tickets, fines and demerit points thrown out or reduced.

Here’s what to do if you feel you’ve been pulled over and ticketed unjustly:

  • Handle the encounter with law enforcement with grace – There’s no point arguing with a police officer that is convinced that a violation has occurred. State your case, but don’t argue. Accept the ticket without putting up a fight and do not admit guilt.
  • Note the due date on the fine – It’s tempting to just pay a ticket and move on with life. However, the cumulative costs of an unwarranted ticket can add up in the present and future. Instead, note the due date and refrain from paying the penalty. Sending in money to cover the fine is considered an admission of guilt.
  • Consult with a legal expert – There are attorneys in Montreal who specialize in helping clients fight moving violations. The attorneys at offer a free consultation. At this time the attorney can review merits of a case and potential clients can learn more about their rights and options. Take advantage of a consultation before making any decision on paying the fine.

The legal team at Ticket911 is dedicated to helping clients in Montreal and Ontario fight unwarranted traffic tickets and related offenses.

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